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Rufina - Vestido de Coctel Cobre Couture #A2018

Seleccione su talle con mucho cuidado
Este modelo de orden especial demora 25 dias extra

Este vestido de noche y de fieste en cobre esta desarrollado en un chiffon de dos tonos con canutillos~

Tags: vestidos de noche, vestidos de coctel

Precio: U$D 329.00



Por favor lea nuestra Politica de Devoluciones antes de ordenar.
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Qué piensa la gente de este vestido.

.- Dear Sasha,
My boss took Dress back to Vietnam for it. I got it already. But the shoulder line is too long and chest above is larger than my size. In Vietnam, it is very difficult for revising chest because it is very thick and sawing line is very carefully. I will try to put Big Bra Silicone inside but I am not sure that it is OK or not. Can you
advise me any thing? Next Friday, I will attend a beauty night at company already!

A good seamstress should be able to fit your dress without problems
Nguyen Hong Minh / Jan 14, 2011 - 22:01:18

.- Dear Sasha,
I haven't got your private email, so I post my measurement for your reference. I will make this dress and my boss will got it in USA on December:
Customer Name: Nguyen Thi Hong Minh
Country: Hanoi capital – Vietnam
Dress Code: A2018 - Rufina -Copper Couture Cocktail Dress
Price: US$ 329
1/ Necklace: 37 cm
2/ Chest-size: 84 cm (with big bra)
3/ Chest-above: 78 cm
4/ Waist-above: 64 cm (for more comfortable)
5/ Waist-below: 73 cm
6/ Waist-length: 38 cm
7/ Chest below: 22 cm
8/ Chest length: 16 cm
9/ Ampit-around: 36 cm
10/ Biceps: 25 cm
11/ Elbow: 22 cm
12/ Arm-length: 75 cm
13/ Shoulder: 39 cm
14/ Body-length: 130 cm
15/ Trousers-length: 95 cm
16/ Calf legs: 72 cm
17/ Head-size: 53 cm
18/ Buttock-size: 86 cm
1/ Necklace (Around necklace, two points meet at deep-set of necklace).
2/ Chest size (Around the largest of chest size).
3/ Chest-above (Around the chest which nears at armpit).
4/ Waist-above (Tie a rope around your waist at the coccygeal vertebra, measure the size).
5/ Waist-below (Measure at hip bone, around middle).
6/ Waist-length (From occipiatl to the last osteomere where tie a rope).
7/ Chest-below (From shoulder nearing neck to the head of chest).
8/ Chest-length (Between two peaks of chest).
9/ Armpit-around (Around the armpit).
10/ Biceps (Around biceps where has a biggest size).
11/ Elbow (Around the elbow where has a biggest size).
12/ Arm-length (From occipiatl behind neck alongs shoulder, goes throught ankle about 2 cm)
13/ Shoulder (From a head of shoulder to the other. If want to have a boat-collar, how long you want, how far it takes).
14/ Body-length (From the end of neck, how long you want, how far it is.
Note: Wear high-heeled shoes).
15/ Trousers-length (From the waist to the end of high-heeled shoes.
Note: If you want to have trousers with a low waist, please note).
16/ Calf legs (Around the calf legs where has a biggest size).
17/ Head-size (Around the head if having a hat).
18/ Buttock-size (Around the buttock where has a biggest size).
I don't know how to measure for your dress, so I use Vietnamese Long dress measurement for make it.
Please allow payment from us by cash when got finished product at USA. I will post address for you!

Nguyen Thi Hong Minh / Nov 29, 2010 - 08:18:19

.- Dear Sasha, I like product code A1768 but my boss advised me choose A2018. I saw now Size 2 or Size 4 but Sasha can make customer' size. Please advise me how many measurement? Only Bust, Waist and Hip? Or I will need full information of our body as full body length, necklace, Chest size, Chest-above, Waist-above, Waist, Waist-below, Shoulder...?
By the way, can you give me your private email? I will email to you my details and USA will come to your shop for payment and give dress for me?
I hope that I will become the most beautiful lady at the company ceremony and many Vietnamese people can know about Prom Party Dress. I am waiting your answer with your email adress, Sasha
Nguyen Thi Hong Minh / Nov 29, 2010 - 03:41:14